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Okay not like dreadfully important BUT I am moving over to a new tumblr! I’ve had a rough go of things this year and want to create a new place for me to vent my frustrations while also posting nice things to inspire others. So yes, this new blog will be even more personal than this current one but I welcome everyone to come follow it!


Another Killers reference but while it’s very similar to my current URL it’s actually a completely different album lolz okay bye

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Falling In Love #78 (1965)
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one of my favorite positions
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February 28, 2013 / Chelsea, NY
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Do you remember when you were able to eat your favourite muffins without any guilt involved at all? Wouldn’t you love to go back to that again? Wouldn’t you love to go to a coffee shop and eat cake without thinking about the nutritional information on that cake? Wouldn’t you love to enjoy your favourite foods again without any of these thoughts? Wouldn’t you love to recover from your eating disorder? Wouldn’t you though?